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Who We Are

Board & Staff


Our staff has a strong commitment toward the communities that Developing Our World serves as well as toward our partners. 


"My name is Miguel Torneire, the Executive Director of Developing Our World. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m blessed in marriage and have two amazing children. My passion is to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love to everybody, all over the world, starting in the USA. My education is directly related to Christian and theological background as I spent six years in three different seminaries - Instituto Concórdia de São Paulo, Seminario Concordia de Buenos Aires, and Seminário Concordia de São Leopoldo where I earned my Bachelor of Divinity. Later in my life I earned another Bachelor of Theology from ULBRA, and finally a Master of Arts in Christian Outreach at Concordia University in San Paul, Minnesota. Currently I am a PhD student in Missiology at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne. I was also a missionary Pastor for four years in Zacapa, Guatemala at Iglesia Luterana El Divino Salvador and Missionary-at-Large and the Director for Central America at Central American Lutheran Mission Society for nine years and 5 months." 


Our board represents a cross-section of our community and they share our passion for this organization and those whom we serve. The members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization and hold the executive director to accountability.


“My name is Robert (Bob) Sayer. I am Lutheran Christian, retired and an avid bible student; currently I am involved in four different bible studies. I have just written a Christian book: “The Truth Will Set You Free, Eleven Myths Satan Uses to Deceive Man". I have volunteered at Salvation Army for many years and am on the board of directors at Oasis Food Pantry. I graduated from Penn State University and worked in the corporate world for about twenty years before starting and managing three construction companies in the remodeling residential business and held a residential real estate broker’s license until 2017. I am happily married with four children and four grandchildren. Over the past ten years, I have been blessed by visiting The Holy Land, the Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter and a mission trip to Poland. My personal mission is to share the Gospel message whenever possible. Hopefully my book will accomplish this mission."


“My name is Michael Whalen. I am a Catholic Christian, a devoted husband, and a father of four beautiful children. I am the president and owner of Whalen Custom Homes, Inc., a regional development and construction company. My education consists of a bachelor's degree in finance and accounting, and a master's degree in finance from St. Louis University. I was born and grew up in St. Louis. I began my career in commercial banking before starting my own company in 2004. I have served on the board of directors for several local banks, my children's school board, the Home Builders' Association, and various community organizations. My faith is central to my life.  God has blessed me beyond words. I want to do all I can to serve him by serving those in need. Phillipians 4:13"


 “My name is Austin Manoogian. I have lived in different locations throughout the US, but have lived most of my life in the St Louis metro area. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. My career began in recruiting, sales then business management, and ultimately led me to found a successful professional service and Information Technology business. I run my company as my primary job, providing small to large-size businesses across the country with business and IT consulting, and talent acquisition services. I also provide paid and free job searching consulting. I am a Christian, a family man and an active member of my community. My family and I give time and money each year, but to be part of an organization focused on giving is something of great interest to me.”

Our Partners