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Who We Are

Mission & History

Developing Our World was founded by Rev. Miguel Torneire on May 23, 2018. Pastor Miguel has more than 15 years experience as a missionary in Guatemala and in the direct practice of holistic community development, exploring communities, searching for leaders, making research, and leading short-term teams to Central America.

Our mission is simple, we seek to put holistic community development into action. The process of holistic community development is from a grass roots level and from a bottom up approach, creating a safe environment, built upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect among people of different cultures that together want to challenge the status quo in a certain community and change it throughout the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel.

To achieve our goals, we must humble ourselves and be vulnerable enough to accept that we are here to learn from each other and serve others in their own environment and community without prejudice and discrimination, but honoring their skills, gifts, and values.    

Our Partners