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What We Do

Holistic Community DevelopmentĀ is a process whereby community members come together to take collective actions and generate solutions to common problems. Community wellbeing (spiritual, physical, social, economic, educational, environmental, athletic, and cultural) evolves from collective actions being taken at a grassroots level. Its scope could range from small initiatives within a small group or to large initiatives that involve the broader community.

This is what Developing Our World is all about. We are committed to serve people from the grassroots level, always respecting their values, culture, and idiosyncrasy. We build relationships, value people's assets and serve along side without expecting something in return.

In order to reach this level of development, we must humble ourselves and be vulnerable enough to accept that we are here to learn from each other and serve others in their own environment and community without prejudice and discrimination, but honoring their skills and gifts.

Come join us in community service and take development to another level.

Our Partners