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Exploratory Trip to Guatemala

Lush green forests, serene lakes, spectacular coastlines, and grander volcanoes and mountains, not many destinations offer such a picturesque view. Located in Central America, the landscape of Guatemala features an incredible wealth of natural beauty. From breathtaking natural outlook to riches of cultural diversity, the country is popular from both the historical and tourism point of view. The country presents the history-lovers with the ruins of legendary Mayans and a chance to explore the Mayan heritage. The wild terrain and thick forests are the perfect spots for adventure-seekers, while the welcoming culture provides everyone a destination to relax, rest, and enjoy the trip to its fullest.

Does the issues of Guatemala impact tourism?

The country with treasures of nature and history is also rich in social and political issues. Even the country has the second-largest economy in Central America; the economic stability didn’t contribute to poverty alleviation significantly. The increasing food insecurity rate translates to a surge in malnutrition rate. Additionally, the rapidly changing climate impacts the overall weather events and occurrence of natural disasters and hazards. Dominated with volcanoes, a large fraction of the Guatemalan population remains vulnerable to the risk of eruption and climate change effects.

The richness in natural and historical assets is attributed to the incredible tourism rate. In 2019, the country recorded an average of 3 million tourists, totaling up to 1.6% of GNP. The country generated 1.23 billion US dollars in the tourism sector, which approximates 3% of the international tourism receipts. The country offers encouraging data for tourism as the destination presents a spike in direct flight from various airlines. Regardless of the existing social and political troubles, the country is promoted as the top destination for travel and tours in main international markets. The awe-inspiring landmarks, beguiling caves, and grottos of national parks, the destination will emblazon your memories with imprints that will last forever.

The mission trips and Guatemala

The civil and societal strife might be one reason people stay away from the country, but the enchanting the region and widely blissful landscape make it worth visiting. On the other hand, several non-profit organizations, including Developing Our World, are working towards improving the living conditions of the Guatemalans.

Developing Our World carries out many processes, programs, and projects for the betterment of the country and its people. From working on the housing projects to helping the people with spiritual needs, the organization is on the mission of making Guatemala a holistic community, suitable and livable for all. Currently, the organization is arranging a Exploratory Trip to Guatemala in August which presents the participants a chance to help people with faith while exploring nature at its utmost beauty. The exploratory trip will be arranged as per the released and implemented pandemic protocols, restrictions, and preventions. The organization will be responsible for the travel arrangements, accommodation, and safety of the participants. The exploratory trip present you a golden opportunity to experience ancient history, diverse culture, and artisanal customs, which will leave on imprint on you. 

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