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The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

The Fifteenth Goal: Life on Land

More than 40% of the forest area and global crops are affected by pests and diseases. Plants form the single most important part of human nutrition. Human activities and man-made climate change have led to the loss of arable land, posing a threat to human survival. The global desertification rate has risen to 1.3% annually. The experts estimated that the loss of biodiversity is bound to increase on a yearly basis amounting to up to 0.01 to 0.1% extinction of species every year.

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals are targeted towards preventing causes, protecting species, and restoration of the forests. The aim of the organization is to ensure a reduction in the loss of habitats while preventing damage to biodiversity.

The impact of COVID19

As more and more forests areas are being cleared for human-oriented purposes, there is a high chance of increased deadly pandemics. The experts have expressed serious concerns guesstimating the next pandemic to surface from the world’s forest. The destruction of biodiversity increased the risk of diseases, and the emergence of COVID19 was long expected. On the other hand, the lockdown and loss of jobs have led to increased movement of people from urban to rural, further increasing the pressure on natural resource. The increase in illegal mining and deforestation has resulted in an increase in the vulnerability of indigenous communities. More than 75% of diseases and viruses are zoonotic, making human activities the core of pandemic cause. The increase in unregulated and illegal wildlife trafficking led to intensification and a surge in disease transmission.

The targets of SDG15

Protecting the wildlife and plants for the betterment of human survival on this planet. The SDG15 aims to improve the conditions of biodiversity through the conservation of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystem. The UN is striving to put an end to deforestation and desertification while attempting to restore the degraded area. To promote biodiversity and natural habitat, the SDG aims to preserve and improve the mountain ecosystem.

How DOW is supporting SDG15

Developing Our World is a non-profit organization working towards stability and improvement of the environment and natural ecosystem. The organization is working on multiple projects and programs to serve the environment and community in an effective way. The seed program focuses on the promotion of agriculture while contributing to the prevalent food insecurity in the pandemic. The fertilizer project of the organization is designed in combination with the seed program, which helps in improving the harvest.

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