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The United Nations's Sustainable Development Goals

Tenth Goal: Reduced Inequalities

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were set to combat the social, financial, and economic issues faced by underdeveloped and poor regions. The goals delineate the world we want to live in and apply to every country, making sure no one is left behind.

In total, there are 17 Sustainable Development Goals that focus on global development betterment of countries. These goals are quantifiable, well-thought-out, and tangible. In short, these goals give the blueprint to accomplish and ensure sustainability for the global population and future generations. Developing Our World is a non-profit organization working towards the realization of these 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Inequality is one of the prevalent and persistent global issues, be it on financial, social, or economic aspects. The agenda of Envision 2030 is all about ensuring the accomplishment of a just, equitable, and socially inclusive world. Despite the reduction of unfair income tax in some countries, the data shows preferential trade status in less developed countries against people of lower-income class.

The Impacts of COVID-19

The world witnessed a rapid exacerbation of inequality during the pandemic. The Coronavirus worsened the situation for the most vulnerable class and low-income communities of the world. The pandemic revealed the brittleness and inadequacy of measures, intensifying the issues for susceptible populations. On the other hand, the global political and economic dynamics further worsened the conditions and impacts of endemic.

Guy Ryder, the chief of the International Labor Organization, warned the world about the escalating threat of unemployment. He predicted that more than 25 million employees would suffer from this wave of unemployment powered by the endemic. The dramatic unemployment and reduced trade impacted the businesses, leading to income reduction and downsizing of staff.

The surge in virus exposed the reality of the global healthcare sector as it continues to collapse the economies. The rapid spread has delimited measures on gender equality, restricting the progress of women’s rights.

The targets of SDG 10

Amina Mohammad, the UN Deputy Chief, urged the leaders and constitution-makers of the world to kickstart and increase the effort on SDGs. She emphasized the compounding inequalities after the global health emergency of Coronavirus. With the entire population locked inside, the reports on violence against women also doubled-up. The longer the extent of lockdown, the higher the possibilities of domestic violence. However, effective measures have been taken to help women step up against the violence during the pandemic.

The target of the United Nations and affiliated organizations is to constitute effective methods to counter the severe impacts of a pandemic. The myriad impacts of Coronavirus damaged the economies, leaving the UN and global leaders to deal with another global emergency of rebuilding economic and industrial sectors.

How DOW is supporting SDG 10

Keeping that in mind, Developing Our World strives to ensure holistic community development through multiple projects and programs related to nurses, midwives, and health volunteer's training. The clinic project focuses on improving the healthcare services in underdeveloped areas. The organization is working on improving the overall living conditions for underprivileged communities.

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