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Ending the Poverty of Being and of Community

Ending the Poverty of Being and of Community

Solving the poverty problem in poor countries perplexes the World Bank continuously. Poverty isn’t about a lack of material things; it is about deeply rooted issues that originate from our actions and our condition. Today, we will evaluate the poverty of being and community, and how does it lead to material poverty.

Poverty of Being

We were all born with that need for self-ego, which is the same as self-esteem and own reputation. The human being must and needs to love and accept himself and, just as important, to know himself loved and accepted by those around him. In short, personal appreciation – or self-worth – is the starting of engines to value others. The big problem today is that many are left alone in that warming up of engines, stuck in the self. That is, me first, then me last, and if I have time, the others. Still following this same line, self-esteem is based on the conception that the person has of himself and the idea that others have about you.

To eliminate the poverty of being, we have to get rid of god-complexes and low self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem begins at home. We cannot trust in building a better world without improving individuals. For example, I love myself, I do everything to be the best version of myself, but to go out and give myself, give myself to the world. It is true self-realization of serving out of love.

Financially wealthy people suffer from god-complexes. They tend to think that they have achieved and accumulated all their money and power themselves, and they are entitled to decide if they should give it to the poor and inferior people. Eliminating these traits is the first step toward a more prosperous society.

Poverty of Community

The poverty of community stems from self-centeredness, exploitation, and abuse of others. The poverty of community is when we turn to our community with anticipation of cooperation and support, the community shows its ugly side and makes the conditions for the poor even worse. The people around us try to exploit us in whatever way possible, just because we are weak and vulnerable. The poverty of community inflicts the poor people the most, and they usually fall prey to deceit and exploitation. Eventually, it keeps them trapped in the poverty spiral, where they fail to overcome material poverty.

Holistic Community Development is an integrated solution to the problem of poverty in the community. The concept dates back to the times of Christ. Holistic Community Development is about creating an environment that nurtures the community for mutually beneficial cultural, economic, environmental, political, and social conditions for every single person in a community. This comprehensive solution aims to create a society that encourages dialogue and engagement to addresses every single element and problem that each community member may be facing, especially the basic needs and rights. Its mission is to promote and create a prosperous future for the community that not only sustains but also thrives.

At Developing Our World, we have been working on eliminating the poverty of being and community in Malawi, working with the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. We strive to show people the true light of Christ and eliminate all forms of mental, spiritual, and physical poverty that people so often face in the world today through Holistic Community Development. Join hands and help us spread the love of God across the world.

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