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Developing Our World Responds to Covid-19

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease, experts have suggested that social distancing is necessary. Many countries have consequently imposed complete or partial lockdowns, while remote working has become the new normal in many jobs. Schools have been shut down for indefinite durations, and many areas of daily life are affected.

Health experts have emphasized the importance of wearing masks and gloves and using hand sanitizers. The pathogen responsible for the COVID-19 disease is a novel coronavirus called SARS-Cov-2. This virus is highly contagious and is known to spread from human to human through interaction. This includes exposure to tiny saliva drops that are released into the air when an infected person talks.

There is much that we still don’t understand about this novel coronavirus. Nevertheless, health experts suggest that wearing masks is very important because this virus affects a person after entering through the mouth, nose, or eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to cover your mouth and nose when coming in contact with people. It is hard to know who is infected and who is not (some people are asymptomatic – they are infected, but they don’t have symptoms, so it is hard to detect). Also, when an infected person wears a mask, he doesn’t spread saliva droplets in the environment, and this is important because these droplets can infect others.

N-95 is a mask that has been tested by the FDA against a benchmark and has been shown to reduce 95 percent of the passage of pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms). If the N-95 mask is not available, experts recommend wearing other masks. If they prevent the passage of the virus, at least they function as a barrier between your hands and mouth and nose. Hands are very likely to catch the virus if you touch a contaminated surface, so this way, the other masks can provide at least some level of protection against the disease.

A person can also catch the virus through contaminated objects. Therefore, wearing gloves is needed to protect you from getting the virus on your hands. Since many people have a habit of touching their faces often, having the virus on their hands can mean that it can easily get access to their mouth or nose.

Similarly, hand sanitizers are needed to kill off the virus if it is present on your hands before it spreads to other parts of your body.

Unfortunately, many communities don’t have access to any of these personal protective equipment. Developing Our World focuses on holistic community development and helping those in need. It continues to serve people even during the difficulties caused by the pandemic. We are currently running a campaign to raise money to buy personal protective equipment for the healthcare staff working in the villages of Guatemala, who don’t have access to mask, gloves, and hand sanitizers. The doctors, volunteers, nurses, and medical workers are at great risk since these things are crucially important to protect them against the disease, and they are treating and caring for infected people on a daily basis.

The organization is starting another similar campaign in Nicaragua. It aims to raise $2,000 to buy masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers to help healthcare providers. This will also help the local economy in Nicaragua as it will contribute to the control of the spread of the disease.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us soon or click here. Thank you.

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