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The Role of Short-Term Missions (STM) in Relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The Role of Short-Term Missions (STM) in Relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Have you ever wondered if participating in short-term missions is really worth it? Will you impact people with your ministry with the few hours you get to spend with them? Will people see that through your donations Jesus really loves them? Will what you came to share with them affect your relationship with Christ in the long term? If your answer is yes, keep reading about how at Developing Our World we are turning lives around.


As a mission base that houses mission teams in the short term, we can see the impact that each team has on the communities where they work. The key to a successful short-term mission trip – with long-term results – is to have local contacts. A local contact is someone who works in the community full time and has created strong relationships with the people there. Here at Developing Our World, we have staff that work continuously in poor communities to support churches and disciple families. Due to the fact that they know the area better, they can help guide the teams to the families that are most in need and can advise on what is really going to help the community more. It is through these contacts that we are able to make ministries.

Our long-term work ... makes your short-term stay ... have long-term results!

Short Term Missions for Sustainable Development

We associate short-term mission teams with members of our staff who constantly work with the people of the community for sustainable development. The use of local contacts ensures that after leaving the people who were ministered, they will have someone to continue leading them to Christ. Contacts can help them find a local church and ensure they participate in a Bible study or other form of discipleship. They are there to nourish the seeds that you could plant during your week-long mission trip. Local contacts can report months later as it is that the people who were ministered are growing in Christ. Your one-week mission trip can really bring changes to a community; It is worth investing your time in others and seeing God change their lives through you.


A short-term mission trip cannot only affect a certain community; It also has the potential to affect an entire nation. For example, the Developing Our World team went on a mission trip to Panama and they were exposed to the orphan crisis suffered there. Thousands of lives were changed by the work of a single short-term mission team. What a team did in a short period of time will have long-term effects, from generation to generation.


It is worth taking time from your busy life to make a short-term mission trip because you can be part of the change in a family, community, and even a nation through sustainable development. While you minister to families and communities your heart is also changed and your eyes are open to different needs in the world. Take some time and allow God to use you to change the lives of others. Developing Our World is striving to meet the 2030 sustainable development challenge through short-term missions and the spirit of God.

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