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The Benefits of Forming and Equipping Leaders for a village in Guatemala

The Benefits of Forming and Equipping Leaders for a village in Guatemala

Leadership is one of the most important factors to consider to build a strong community. Numerous other factors are essential for the growth and progress of a community, but leadership’s role is the most dominant. It is an indispensable element for the success of every community. Therefore, creating and equipping leaders is something that every country must prioritize.

Role of Leadership in Rural Parts of America

When talking about the rural communities in American society, countries like Guatemala make up most of the part. Guatemala is one of the most populous countries within the southern and central American region but has an unequal balance of economies. It is a country where the majority of the citizens live under the poverty line. It is important to address the key issues of rural areas to form strong communities in countries where its citizens are deprived of even the most basic rights.

The country needs changes in its educational sector, job training, healthcare, and strategic planning and leadership is what will serve as a catalyst which will make these changes occur. Rural communities that have leaders to guide them have a better chance to address and solve the problems of the community. The root of many problems in Guatemala is the absence of quality leadership and effective leaders.

Benefits of Forming and Equipping Leaders in Rural Areas

There are numerous benefits of forming and equipping leaders in villages and rural areas in underdeveloped countries with potential such as Guatemala.

Stirring Motivation Among People

It is important to stir motivation among the people living in unfortunate circumstances. A good leader stirs motivation among the people to accomplish more in their lives to improve their living conditions.

Confidence in the Youth

Youth is the most important part of any community. These individuals are the ones that play a significant role in improving the economic conditions in a country. Leadership is what helps in building a strong and confident youth, capable of tackling tough challenges.

Bringing a Community in Harmony

People need to work together as a team and in perfect harmonization to build a strong community, As it becomes easy to achieve the goals together as a team.

Identifying, Forming, and Equipping Leaders in a Rural Community

The first and foremost step of creating leaders in a community is to identify the individuals with potential. Some leaders are born with qualities, while some have the potential to build strong leadership skills through training and practical experiences.

There are several ways of training the identified individuals to become strong leaders for their community. It is important to introduce them to the value of group interaction to train a person to become a good leader. It is important to inculcate the right skills for facilitating participative leadership. Carry out critical discussion about the factors important for bringing change in the society. Other ways are to involve them in role-playing activities and conditional questioning.

Developing Our World is an organization that is promoting leadership among the people living in the villages of Guatemala through their development projects. They are making joint efforts to improve the lives of people in Guatemala.

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