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Holistic approach is the key to community development in Guatemala

Rich rainforests, enormous active volcanoes, gorgeous lakes, and the ancient Mayan sites are some of the beautiful aspects of Guatemala, a Central American country. Half of the world that knows about the existence Guatemala know this country as the one with the world’s highest unequal economic rates. Despite being economically unstable, the country has so much to offer to the visitors and the residents.

The living conditions of Guatemala are not at its best at the moment, and much of its population is deprived of some of the basic facilities. As a community, the people of the country must come together to work for its development.

Community Development – A Holistic Approach

An essential factor for underdeveloped and developing countries is community development. To stabilize a community and build a better environment for its members, taking a holistic approach is the fundamental requirement.

To better understand community development, a simple definition is the coming together of the community members to take action as a team to work out solutions for the community problems. Adaption of a holistic approach is addressing all the spiritual, physical, social, economic, educational, religious, environmental, athletic and cultural conditions to make a community thrive. A collaborative process that governs all the problems of a community at once is the holistic approach in community development.

Community development is one of the most important steps to improve the quality of life. In communities, such as that in Guatemala, the people per capita income is low. Therefore, in such communities, a holistic approach in community development ensures that people live a healthy and satisfying life. The key areas of emphasis in the development of community include agriculture, education, housing, education, employment, crime and safety, and the government.

In theory, the concept of community development seems simple, but it has so many factors that can complicate the process. There are several constraints and challenges that people may face while adopting a holistic approach to community development. Political instability and religious views, lack of resources and information, absence of rural representation, relationship with the government, and decentralization are the main constraints that may hinder the process.

A Strategic and a Practical Approach

Guatemala’s community is lagging far behind as compared to its neighboring Latin countries. When adopting a holistic approach to community development, it is important to view all the aspects through a strategic perspective. Not all solutions are practical, and community development is only possible if practical and strategic solutions are taken into consideration.

Awareness Programs

One of the many reasons why Guatemala stays far behind from the rest of the world is due to lack of awareness. For holistic community development, it is important to schedule awareness programs. These programs must cover education, health, and all other key areas of a community.

Community Development Programs

External entities must be allowed to introduce their community development processes that can work in complete collaboration with the locals to boost the efforts of the people to improve the quality of life. Organizations such as Developing Our World are working to promote a holistic approach in the development of the community in Guatemala and around the world. People contribute to these processes, which in the result are used to introduce community development processes focusing on education, employment, infrastructure, and many other areas.

Developing Our World is one of the most influential organizations that is helping the Guatemala community to grow and improve its living conditions. Guatemala is a country with potential and initiatives such as that of Developing Our World is exactly what the people need!

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