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They Deserve a Life Beyond the Dump

They Deserve a Life Beyond the Dump

Have you heard the saying, if you’re born poor, you die poor? It is very common to hear that saying in the villages near the dump in Zacapa. And if you’ve ever been to the garbage dump on the edge of the city of Zacapa, you would understand why.

There are several families who live off of this dump. These families spend hours foraging through the municipal dump searching for valuable stuff and some of them for food. Sometimes they fight over the trash trucks that come in order to get the most sought after items.

Along with trash, they search for recyclables.  The lucky hangers-on get dibs on glass, aluminum, old furniture, and any other hot commodities that come pouring out. Regulars at the dump know which trucks carry trash from supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals, so every morning there is a race to grab up anything edible or that can be sold. The piles of trash are so big and dense that there are occasional avalanches of trash.  When someone is caught underneath, others must help them out.

Developing Our World is working with families that live in the communities - Colonia Coneviza, El Palmar, and El Remolino - near of the dump so we can help them have a decent life and access to basic things such as, hygiene, education, human care, food, water and shelter.

Are you interested in helping? Contact us, send a team of volunteers, or make a donation.

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