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Palo Amontonado

Palo Amontonado

The Executive Director visited Palo Amontonado Village in El Progreso, Guatemala; approximately two hours away from Guatemala City. The mayor of the village, Mayor Marcelino Paredes (left in the picture), has worked hard to bring resources to this community. He and the people of the village are interested and ready to work with Developing Our World to continue working for holistic community development in the area. We are excited for the possibilities!

Here is some information that will help paint a picture of Palo Amontonado. The village has 600 inhabitants which made up about 80 families. The average of people per family is six. Their main source of income is lemon sales. Because the village is located close to the Motagua River, lemon trees are easily grown. Farmers who have lemon plantations use the water of the river to irrigate their lemon trees. The people of Palo Amontonado are very religious.  Even with its small size, there are four churches and most of the inhabitants regularly attend church services.

If you want to have a cross-cultural experience and serve overseas, this is a place for you!

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