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With just a month left of summer, it’s time to take advantage of all it has to offer. Here are some ways to celebrate sunshine season while it's still here.

At Developing Our World, we believe that knowledge and information are two powerful commodities needed to be exchanged for community development and economic success. Found out more.

When you look around, you see two types of people. One, people who carry on with their life luxuriously. People who are appreciating the delight of fundamentals as well as have what they need and want; a fulfilling life. People living lavishly, possessing all the comforts of life. While, on the other hand, there are those individuals who can't even manage the cost of buying the essential things of living such as food, water or shelter. They don't have a safe house to live, sustenance to eat, or clothes to wear. Developing Our World wants to help those people who barely have enough to survive. Check out how...

The term 'debilitated' is frequently associated as being an alien. However, at Developing Our World, we perceive it as “Being Different”. Here our mission is to explain to people that having any sort of disability means the condition is connected with individuals determined to have various types of mental and physical conditions. The term 'debilitated' isn't actually wrong - these conditions that regularly limit ordinary working in social situations. But would we say we are doing right in calling such people disabled? Check it out how Developing Our world answers this question...

This article portrays the personal findings and learnings of Developing Our World's Executive Director, who went from formal theological training to training disciples as he went into the mission field.

The positive role of a church in our lives continue to prosper. Churches in the life of the 21st-century devotee are basic since it fills a void in our hearts. Developing Our World helps people to recognize that Church is the place individuals ought to go in the event that they need "inner peace" or maybe a “spiritual fix.” It is a place to receive the Gospel, the forgiveness of sins, and the salvation in Jesus Christ. Learn more how can you help building churches and its importance in the society.

Schools signify aims and aspirations. Likewise, promoting knowledge and building schools represent hopes and goals for creating a better society – a better community. It promotes change in the nature of preparing and planning for the future. At Developing Our World, we believe that providing education to the child is an essential element for flourishing any society.

Leading a charitable organization work requires expanding your know-how on the matter and reach. Exploring potential risks and best practices involving for a nonprofit or a church is crucial for a U.S. charity’s tax-exempt organization. This article describes a few of the things which are likely observed as dangers that affect your nonprofit and also suggest some best practices to your organization.

Flamengo, "O Mais Querido do Brasil", which means "The Most Beloved in Brazil," is a soccer club based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Like Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Developing Our World wants to organize workshops to help children achieve their dream through soccer and other kinds of sports.

Developing Our World wants to share an opportunity to sponsor 10 kids who live at an orphanage in Uganda called, Help Orphan Needy and Elderly Uganda.

The differently-abled people in our society are represented by 15% of the world population. They don't even want to be called disabled, because they are the same fully functioning members of our society. Developing Our World wants to make a difference in their lives as well, bringing awareness about the “differently-abled ones” to everybody.

Supporting and sponsoring a child’s tutoring, food, and general prosperity can bring a big change in this world. Particularly sponsoring a kid, you have never met, can appear to be an overwhelming prospect in building a better world. Check it out several good reason Developing Our World is giving to you to consider to sponsor-a-child.

No matter how busy you are, how you lost your time in this rat-race world, there is always a chance to give back! So, offer your assistance today and click here to find out why helping others change the lives of hundreds.

There are thousands of victims of natural disasters, like volcano eruption, typhoon, earthquakes, cyclone, hurricane, mudslides, and tropical storms, who lose their homes, family members, and everything that they had. Developing Our World wants to help sending short-term mission teams to alleviate the suffering of these victims.

Developing Our World is presenting to you our newest village, Barranco Colorado. We are working with Pastor Juan Carlos to bring holistic community development to this village.

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