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Most pumpkin patches have more activities to keep you and your family entertained all afternoon. Keep reading for a full list of our favorite pumpkinless patch pastimes.

The world has shifted its focus from the basic building block of community development that are nuclear families. In communities such as Guatemala, nuclear families play an immensely important role in improving the social, cultural, and economic conditions of the country.

Leadership is one of the essential factors when it comes to strengthening a community. When it comes to improving the lives of people in a rural community, Developing Our World assures that leadership is an indispensable element.

Holistic approach in community development is an essential requirement for communities such as that in Guatemala and around the world. Community development is a process of a collaborative effort that the people make towards a common goal that is to improve the living conditions of everybody. Developing Our World is committed to that. Find out more.

Guatemala is home to some of the most historical churches but due to natural disasters many of these incurred severe damages. Churches are important for the struggling citizens of Guatemala as these help the people find closure through emotional and spiritual support.

You know volunteering has a positive influence (make friends, build connections, gain experiences, etc.), but did you know that it can actually assist your health? Find out more what Developing Our World brings about this issue for you.

For our community wellbeing, we encourage you to strike back against this isolation of humanity. Fight against this selfishness of our modern world and help a fellow human being today!

Guatemala is a country rich with heritage sites and home to the friendliest people, unfortunately, these people are unable to access quality healthcare services. What the healthcare sector of the country needs is construction of quality clinics that are accessible by the people living in the rural areas. Learn more...

One of the objectives of each developing nation is to achieve good resources and high-pay status. Agriculture plays a vital and critical part of changing economies to achieve this objective.

The educational system of a country is what determines the future of the labor force. Developing Our World wants to contribute to that. Find out how.

If you want to know about some easy steps that you can pursue to save at least some amount of water in your everyday life, Developing Our World has some suggestion for you. Click here to find out.

Guatemala has a housing deficit of 61%, which is the equivalent of 1.54 million people without homes. Developing Our World wants to change this reality building homes to families with scarce resources.

There are so many victims in this world of natural disasters, like typhoon, earthquakes, and storms, who lose their homes. Developing Our World has the process of sending short-term teams to help the people whose lives have been greatly affected by such natural disasters.

In this article you can find several reasons regarding the necessity of planning Mission Trips to Guatemala and how are they useful. If one aspires to inspire the world with kindness, then joining hands with us is the right thing to do.

At Developing Our World, we believe that knowledge and information are two powerful commodities needed to be exchanged for community development and economic success. Found out more.

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