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At Developing Our World, we encourage you to act responsibly and sustainably in your day to day work in order to individually advance the sustainable development goals.

Justice is one of the pillars of social cohesion insofar as it acts as a mediator in conflicts between individuals between them (private law), and also individuals with the State (public law). Respectable justice must be mediator, not executioner. At Developing Our World, we consider peace as the first step towards the establishment of social justice. Help us in our efforts to make this world a more harmonious and peaceful place to live in.

We are talking more and more about environmental protection. How are we concerned? What impact does this have on our daily lives? Protecting all forms of life on land is as important as human life. Developing Our World contributes towards sustainable conservation of all forms of life on land. Join hands with us and support us in the cause.

Our oceans are in danger. Pollution, overfishing, warming and acidification are just some of the aspects that are affecting the ocean habitat. The consequences not only endanger life in the water, but also change the climate on land. We have dealt with the essential threats. Around 18,000 plastic parts float in the sea per square kilometer. Our methods are not sustainable, and Developing Our World is trying hard to sustain life below water.

Myers, Corbett, and Fikkert analyze that if one keeps abreast with the evangelical perspective in pursuit of poverty alleviation, the process could be much more productive and fruitful. This applies to missional work as well. They offer a fresh view on this matter by saying that the church can successfully act as the primary agent for the promotion of God’s holistic mission. This application can be very useful for individuals, churches and organizations, such as Developing Our World, in the mission work today. Check it out and find out more.

Christianity has always propagated practices that encourages sustainable development. It is considered as an action of the noble and pious. At Developing Our World, we encourage research and innovation in the area of religious contribution and the prominent role of Christianity in the sustainable development objectives. Join hands with us and help us create a community of Christians devoted towards achieving sustainability in today’s world.

At Developing Our World, we act to help communities mitigate and adapt to the various impacts of climate change. It is feared that the global and regional climate will change significantly, which in turn may have serious to catastrophic consequences. Since a large part of the climate hazards are caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) and the majority of these emissions occur during technical energy conversions, possible measures for climate protection in the energy sector are particularly important.

Given the reality that pressures humanity, there are local, national and international efforts to promote sustainable consumption and production modalities, which represents a niche of opportunity for companies, but also represents an alternative for consumers. Developing Our World is making efforts to ensure responsible production and consumption for sustainable development.

All over the world, these urban spaces today face five major challenges, to meet the needs and expectations of their inhabitants: social, economic, cultural, environmental and resilience. All our cities are affected by many challenges: combating social exclusion, reducing poverty, promoting access to education and culture, creating employment and value, making it easier to get around, adapt to climate change, integrate nature and biodiversity, offer new services and uses that improve the daily lives of all generations, cope with crises, etc. Developing Our World is working day and night to help the world achieve SDG 11.

Moving towards the reduction of inequalities is a commitment assumed and embodied in the Sustainable Development Goal 10 of the 2030 Agenda: “reduce inequality in countries and between them”, and clearly expressed in the slogan “that no one is left behind " We cannot achieve sustainable development if we exclude some part of the population. Inequalities threaten long-term social and economic development, affect poverty reduction and destroy people's feelings of fullness and worth. Developing Our World is committed to help make the world more equal.

Today, the challenge for developing countries is therefore to set up a competitive industry requiring appropriate state actions, promoting better transfer of technologies, based on the establishment of a high-performance national innovation system. It is to allow the transition from a monitoring and imitation system to an innovation system. Developing Our World is working on achieving sustainable development goal 9 with these actions.

The proportion of the world's population living in extreme poverty has declined in recent years. However, there’s still a growing problem of employment and lack of working opportunities for many people. Developing Our World is working hard to ensure that people are well taken care of when it comes to finding work opportunities.

Access to affordable clean energy follows a “too slow general rhythm”, estimates the World Bank (WB), one of the five international institutions which co-produced the 2018 report on the progress of energy through the world. Developing Our World is maximizing the global efforts in providing affordable and clean energy as a right to all.

Accessibility to water, sanitation and hygiene is a human right. However, millions of people in the world continue to face enormous difficulties daily to access these elementary services. Developing Our World is striving to help the world reach sustainable development goal 6 for clean water and sanitation by 2030.

Women and girls make up half the world's population. Therefore, they are half the human potential to achieve sustainable development. However, at present, gender inequality persists everywhere, which leads to stagnation in social and economic progress. At Developing Our World, we are taking real-time action to ensure gender equality and women’s rights around the world.

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