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Bangladesh was severely affected by Cyclone Amphan, which destroyed many properties of the Lutheran church, too. DOW has been working to improve the situation in this area.

The Lutheran Church plays a pivotal role in the Argentinian society, particularly the Iglesia Evangélica Luterana de Montecarlo - Congregación Cristo, which is working to combat the challenges of implementing the Gospel in the daily lives of the people.

The Lutheran Church plays a pivotal role in the Colombian society, particularly the Iglesia Confesional Luterana San Pablo in Medellin, which is working to combat the challenges of implementing the Gospel in the daily lives of the people.

If you are among the blessed ones who are looking for ways to share your blessings with those in need, reach out to us. We need your prayers and support to continue Jesus's mission on earth.

Dzaleka is the largest refugee camp in Malawi. Developing Our World has partnered with Evaldo Jose to adopt Eagles Junior Academy in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. We need volunteers and donations to buy school supplies for this school. Learn more.

Nicaragua is a country with several human rights violations issues. Developing Our World has been serving in the country for two years. The organization is planning a mission trip in August 2021 and is inviting volunteers to participate. Learn more.

Guatemala has a range of problems that are focused on by Developing Our World. Its Executive Director has worked extensively in this region, and knows deeply about all the problems and their solutions. In July 2021, the organization is planning a mission trip to Guatemala and is inviting volunteers to participate in it. Learn more.

There are several benefits of volunteering. Developing Our World invites volunteers from all over the world to accompany us on our various mission trips. We offer many golden opportunities to help you enjoy a deeply rewarding experience. Learn more.

Developing Our World is working to help people even during these turbulent times. There are several ways to help DOW in its humble and noble efforts. These include getting in touch with us, offering monetary contributions or volunteering to help.

Amid the current economic crisis, nonprofits organizations are finding it difficult to survive. Fortunately, DOW is working to help people combat the COVD-19 pandemic, with the help of donations. Its efforts include helping Eagles School Academy in Malawi, helping the victims of the Super-cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh and providing personal protective equipment to healthcare providers in the villages of Guatemala.

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease, people need masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Developing Our World is raising funds to purchase these things for healthcare providers in the villages of Guatemala.
The organization is starting another similar campaign in Nicaragua. Learn more.

Developing Our World is a not-for-profit organization that works for holistic community development. The organization’s mission is to fulfill Jesus’s mission on Earth through service to people. In the uncertain situation amid this pandemic, Developing Our World is running campaigns and partnering with churches and health organizations to offer help and support to those in need. Learn more.

Have you ever wondered if participating in short-term missions is really worth it? Will you impact people with your ministry with the few hours you get to spend with them? Will people see that through your donations Jesus really loves them? Will what you came to share with them affect your relationship with Christ in the long term? If your answer is yes, keep reading about how at Developing Our World we are turning lives around.

A non-profit develops a social function because its projects cause positive changes in families, communities or on the planet. Although its activity is of common interest, its task is not to replace the work of the government, but complement it. Developing Our World aim is to serve the people in a high level on transparency.

The identity of Jesus Christ involves a soteriological issue – it is the salvation of men. Jesus confessed as Christ is established in a special relationship to the earth. And his victory over the forces of death also integrates the future of the world. At Developing Our World, we uplift the Christian spirit for the sustainable development goals, betterment of humanity and salvation of the mankind and earth.

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