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Mission Trip

Developing Our World has several places around the world that you can go and serve. These places are from South, Central, and North America, Africa, and Asia. All of these places, there is a local person that would help you to engage and serve culturally appropriate, which will take your experience to another level. It is because of the organization’s holistic approach, that it is very important to involve a local person to work along side you. 

We are thankful for your interest in serving overseas on a Mission Trip. To better serve you and your team, we will need information about you in order to make a reservation, save the date, and add it to our calendar. Because of the relevance of the information required for your trip, this form is encrypted to protect you, your information, and data.

Please, complete the form bellow and send it to us that as soon as possible somebody will contact you.

Places for you to Serve

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