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We exist to put holistic community development into practice. With your help we can make a difference.

If you have a heart for service and want to empower people, this is for you! Learn more and get involved.

Our Impact This Year

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News & Notes

At Developing Our World, we encourage you to act responsibly and sustainably in your day to day work in order to individually advance the sustainable development goals.

Justice is one of the pillars of social cohesion insofar as it acts as a mediator in conflicts between individuals between them (private law), and also individuals with the State (public law). Respectable justice must be mediator, not executioner. At Developing Our World, we consider peace as the first step towards the establishment of social justice. Help us in our efforts to make this world a more harmonious and peaceful place to live in.

We are talking more and more about environmental protection. How are we concerned? What impact does this have on our daily lives? Protecting all forms of life on land is as important as human life. Developing Our World contributes towards sustainable conservation of all forms of life on land. Join hands with us and support us in the cause.

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